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of massachusetts, willard mitt romney sat down to sign his first legislation of health care reform law. nothing like it existed in the country back then. but republican mitt romney and the late democratic senator ted kennedy and a bunch of other folks from the state worked very, very hard to craft a law that made universal coverage possible in the great state of massachusetts. governor romney signed that law publicly with a big grin on his face back in 2006. well, today, president obama returned to that very room to talk about his signature health care law, which is based on what massachusetts did that worked so well in that state. the president was introduced by mitt romney's successor in massachusetts, governor duval patrick, and both the president and his friend, governor patrick, talked about what has gone wrong or can go wrong, with health care in your state. they talked about what could go wrong in the initial rollout, what goes wrong and how that stuff can get fixed. >> but our launch seven years ago was not flawless. we asked an i.t. staffer who has been at our connecter since the begin
abortion law. the anti-abortion law attracted national attention this summer, not just for its severity, but also because of texas democratic senator wendy davis and her 13-hour-long filibuster, which temporarily thwarted republicans' plans to pass that law. despite that filibuster and despite large protests, texas republicans did get the law passed, and governor rick perry's signature on it set in motion a countdown to texas clinics that provide abortions having to shut down. the law had been set to go into effect on tuesday of this week, so a few days ago. and a dozen clinics in the state expected to have to close their doors that day. on monday, at the eleventh hour, a federal judge stepped in and blocked the implementation of the law, saying it was unconstitutional, so the clinic stayed open. but tonight, a higher federal court, the appeals court for the conservative fifth circuit has overturned the monday ruling, which clears the way for the law to go into effect, basically, right now. this ruling, late tonight, means that a third of the facilities that provide abortions for women
into custody. he's reported to be in critical condition in the hospital. law enforcement sources tell the l.a. times that authorities found a note next to the shooter in which he expressed, quote, his disappointment with the government. nbc news reporting that the shooter sent a suicidal text to his family before entering the airport where he apparently started shooting. again, though, the shooter is alive in critical condition and in custody. l.a.x. is a mess in terms of flight cancellations and delays and thousands of passengers getting stranded. this is a story we'll be following through the night as we learn more. please keep watching this space for news. >>> here's the background, when george w. bush picked harriet mier meyers, he was showing trademark loyalty. he was also particularly happy to have found a woman he trusted for that job since the seat she was going to be filling on the court would be the one vacated by the retiring justice sandra day o'connor. now the harriet miers nomination didn't work out. outside conservative groups had weighed in against the bush administration an
of the one where you ring the doorbell and run. >> this law failed by seven votes. when seven republicans who had co-sponsored the bill, had co-sponsored the idea, suddenly walked away from their own proposal after i endorsed it. so, they make a proposal, they sign on to the bill, i say, great, good idea. i turn around, they're gone! what happened? >> what did happen to the republicans who supported that idea before they voted against it? what happened, for instance, to senator john mccain of arizona? an early and at times impassioned supporter of immigration reform on moral principles on pain of rebuke from his own party, john mccain kept pushing comprehensive, compassionate immigration reform, because he said he believed deeply that it was the right thing to do, until somebody changed the channel, and all of a sudden, it wasn't the right thing to do anymore. >> at this point, if your original proposal came to a vote in the senate floor, would you vote for it? >> it won't. it won't. that's why we went through the debate of -- >> would you? >> no, i would not. >> that was john mccain saying n
people in virginia is not so obvious. when worth got out that virginia state law make ---local tea party groups in virginia said that whole prospect was based on fraud lent information. quoting a virginia tea party leader, i feel that the so republicanity of america will soon disappear. in virginia, the solution to this problem of conservatives objecting to even studying a riding sea level was not to just let sea levels rise, the way they dealt with it was to try to not upset the tea party people by talking too loudly. they edited words of what the tea party were corrupt set about. they sea legal rise and they onlied to those appears in the bill. so instead, virginia scientists will study the more politically mutual sounding phenomenon of recurrent flooding. they just took the buzz words away so as not to get the angry people coming to our r their meetings. even if they're pretty sure they have to do something about it. mike in virginia, north carolina, until very recently was governed by democrats. under democratic governance they had an official plan for doing something about climb mas
a maximum of 12 months in jail and/or a fine of $1,200. a miscarriage not reported to law enforcement could put a virginia woman into jail for a year. the state senator who introduced that bill, the guy who's now running as republican candidate for attorney general in the state of virginia which is why the ads against him in the state of virginia look like this. >> if you think ken cuccinelli would take virginia in the wrong direction, wait until you meet obenshane. they co-sponsored a bill together to ban the birth control pill and outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. a dangerously wrong turn for virginia. >> with ken cuccinelli doing as badly in the campaign, given the stances that he's taken on high profile women's rights issues. that said, that's not the only area of interest for outside group who are willing to get involved in this race. new york city mayor mike bloomberg is -- also his record on guns. watch. >> here are a few things mark obenshane tried to outlaw, birth control pills, women choosing to have an abortion, even in the case of rape or insent. but when it come
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)